Clancy the Cat – A Miraculous Story of Survival in the Yukon


Clancy was a street cat, a warrior and a survivor. He had likely been on the streets of Penticton BC for several years before he was rescued by AlleyCATS Alliance. In spite of his life of freedom, Clancy was incredibly loving and easy-going with humans. He was treated for a terrible urinary tract infection, and neutered. Bill Burles, a friend of AlleyCATS Alliance, had just lost his beloved 13 year old Doberman the week before so he agreed to foster Clancy for a while until a new permanent home could be found. The two gents were a great fit and Bill adopted Clancy in January 2013.

The pair set off on their first of two road trips to the Yukon in Bill’s RV. Clancy loved the vagabond life and adapted well. However, he did wander away twice in Whitehorse and Bill had to set a trap to catch him. Bill & Clancy traveled 12000 km in 2013 before settling back in Penticton for the winter of 2013-2014. They left Penticton again in May 2014 to go back up north, Bill driving and Clancy riding shotgun.Clancy-3

They camped along the way, sometimes in campgrounds, sometimes in the rough. Clancy always had outside privileges but he never wandered far. Bill tried him on a harness and leash but he pouted every time he put it on him. The poor old soldier must have felt quite humiliated by it all.


In the 2nd week of July 2014, while camping in an abandoned campground close to the Bonanza Motel in Dawson City, Yukon, Clancy went out the door and never came back. Bill searched all over for him for a Clancy-4week. He went to the Dawson City Humane Society and left his contact information. He contacted the local conservation office and left contact information. He set traps. Nothing. Clancy was gone.

Bill checked back weekly for a few weeks, but still there was no sign of Clancy. He had to leave and head back south. Bill visited the Dawson City Humane Society one last time and left his contact information as well as the contact information for AlleyCATS Alliance.


Cheryl Hubbard, vice president of AlleyCATS Alliance came home to a message from Danielle at Dawson City Humane Society. She had a cat in her care that may have belonged to a “Bill Burles” that was reported missing in July 2014. The cat was found close to where it went missing 5 months earlier. A kind lady had coaxed him in after observing poor Clancy scavenging for food at a nearby motel. Reports from other people say he had been seen defending himself from the neighborhood foxes on several occasions! Cheryl called and a photo was swapped. The cat in the photo looked suspiciously like Clancy! Still, more confirmation was needed, so the staff at the Dawson Humane Society took Clancy to a nearby vet to have him scanned for a microchip. It was him!

Clancy is currently under the care of a veterinarian in Dawson City, Yukon as he was suffering from dehydration, starvation, and probable hypothermia from the -35 degree temperatures and snow. Once he has made a full recovery and is well enough to travel, Clancy would like to return to Penticton by plane, where he will be looking for a new forever home. Clancy enjoyed a wonderful time of travel and adventure, but he might just be ready for a warm fire, a big picture window, and an easy chair in which to live out the rest of his years.

AlleyCATS Alliance is seeking the public’s assistance with Clancy’s travel from Dawson City to Penticton. To donate, please click DONATE or call December van den Berg at 250-488-2223.

AlleyCATS Alliance is a registered charity dedicated to providing rescue, rehabilitation, medical care & adoption to feral & orphaned cats & kittens throughout the Okanagan Valley.

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