Veterinarians rally for Brando!

Penticton BC –It was Brando’s lucky break when he tripped the trap!

A half- starved stray cat’s fate changed on a Saturday in Oliver when AlleyCATS volunteers were on a mission to trap a semi-feral mother cat with her newborn babies. The trap was set, an enticing can of tuna open and within 30 minutes a big, burly, matted mess of a guy was staring at us dumbfounded.

“Brando” was later taken to Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital in West Kelowna for a routine neuter. It was there Dr. Moshe Oz discovered Brando was in rough shape. “Three canines were broken. 2 upper and 1 lower right. They were very badly abscessed. So, I spent all night with Brando in surgery. Even though he was in a lot of pain, he was still SO NICE! He is a very unusual and amazing cat!”

Brando returned to recovery where AlleyCATS volunteers fell in love with him and provided hours of cuddles and care. It was there AlleyCATS director Cheryl Hubbard noticed his healing was very slow. Cheryl chauffeured Brando to Lindsey Veterinary Hospital in Penticton. Dr. David Kopp diagnosed Brando with FIV: Feline Immunodeficiency Virus which compromises the immune system and the ability to fight infection. This explained Brando’s slow healing. Pain killers were prescribed and administered by volunteers for 10 days. After which Dr. Kopp reported, “His Red Cell count is up to 28 (normal is 30) and Blood Glucose is normal.  His bottom gums are not healed but are improving!”

Brando was truly destined to find a better life off the streets. AlleyCATS Alliance is looking for a special fosterer or adoptive home for Brando. FIV positive is highly contagious to other cats, (not humans) and transferred mostly by bite wounds. Therefore Brando’s new family must be diligent to keep Brando indoors as an only cat and provide him with tons of love. He is a snuggler!


AlleyCATS Alliance would like to thank Dr. Oz for his donated time in surgery and Dr. Kopp for his prognosis that enabled Brando to get the medication and care that he needs. “Every cat deserves a chance. Not all street cats are feral. Many are loving, super “cool” cats like Brando.”

Donations for Brando’s medical attention would be greatly appreciated and can be made via pay pal to the Oreo fund which has been set up to assist with the special medical needs of the cats and kittens of AlleyCATS Alliance. Donate here.

Dr. oz with Brando


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