Feral Kitty Rosalie Finds Warm Home

This is Rosalie. She is one of the 3 kittens that showed up one by one in a garage in West Kelowna, British Columbia.
When they showed up they were very obviously starving, feral and only about 3 ½ weeks old.

The people that found them in their garage had to catch them as they were afraid of humans. She put the first one in a large dog carrier and went out and bought some food and then called us. I drove over and picked that one up on a Saturday Morning early and took him home. The women then called back late Sunday night with the news that 2 more had showed up and they were safe in her big kennel. I drove over and picked those two up and the reunion was very joyous.

This woman that had caught them, took the next day off work to search the area to try and find anymore or at least the Mom. Poor Mom was more than likely taken by a Coyote or hit by a car while trying to find food for her babies.
These kittens were lucky to stumble on this warm hearted women and also lucky as she also has a dog that she said would have killed those kittens if he had found them first.

The 3 little kittens were sent off to one of our very good feral fosterers where they blossomed into the wonderful cats they are.

Little Rosalie has the best home with lots of other kitties to keep her company and play with her!




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