Maddie & Charlie

Maddie & Charlie

Maddie and Charlie are available for adoption. They were both rescued from feral cat colony in the South Okanagan when they were about 2 months old but unfortunately did not get a lot of human contact for the next 3 months. When they were about 5 ½ months old they were placed in a foster home where they have remained – currently for about 5 months. Maddie and Charlie were extremely fearful of humans. They are great with other cats, don’t mind household noises such as the vacuum, are really good in the house but they don’t like to be touched. Maddie has some “safe” places in the house where she will allow herself to be petted – in the top of the scratching post, in the basket in the window, on our bed, etc. Charlie has not yet established any safe places and he continues to skitter away if you try to pet him.

They both have the household routine down pat and come running with our cats to the treat drawer in the morning and make sure they are in the kitchen around 5:00pm for canned food time. Charlie is quite food driven and will eat treats out of your hand and hop up on the couch beside you if he is offered food. Maddie’s favourite game is to chase our toes under the blankets on the bed and then she pounces on them. She would probably be a great hunter! They really are nice cats but it will take a special home with lots of patience to earn the trust of these 2 little characters. As the foster parents, we have found them to be absolutely no trouble and since we have a cat about the same age the 3 of them are just great buddies. A household with another cat of a similar age to provide them with a role model would be ideal. They need to be adopted together as they are a bonded pair.

For more information about adopting these kitties, please contact AlleyCATS.

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