Sue Beagle


Bio – Sue Beagle

When Sue was born there was already a cat in the house named Boots, a Tuxedo. Boots would lay with Sue while she had her nap in the afternoon stretched full length beside her in her crib. She lives and breathes to tell you about it!

Sue believes that a house is not a home without cats and she has filled her life with their love.
“A few of them demand a little more of my heart than others, but I have a lot of heart to share with them!”

In the year 2000 Sue got involved with a cat rescue group quite by accident. She came across two kittens who were only a couple of days old. They had been laying on pavement crying weakly for about 6 hours according to the employees from a couple of nearby businesses. She was told that there had been a Mom and 6 kittens, but that the Mom had left two kittens behind. Sue immediately raced over to Okanagan Vet Clinic where the staff gave her supplies and a quick lesson on how to feed and look after these little fuzz balls, but told her not to hold out a lot of hope. She took the pair home and two days later they were still alive and doing well.

Teddy, Sue’s dog helped her with the kittens by licking them and making them feel loved. Teddy has helped Sue with every litter of kittens since then.

Sue had to go back to find the remaining kittens so she contacted a local rescue group and picked up a trap. She found the kittens stuffed in behind a bunch of old steel that had been stacked. She put one kitten in the trap for bait and got the Mom within 15 minutes.

They all went home with her and Sue was thrilled to reunite her first two kittens with their siblings and Mom. “She was a feral cat living in a horrible place. Her name is Mira and she still lives in my house as I just could not bear to put her back on the streets.”

Over the years, Sue continued to be involved in this rescue group trapping, rescuing, caring for and re homing feral kittens and cats.

In 2013 Sue joined Alleycats Alliance as a director and dedicates her free time trapping, volunteering and fostering feral kitties.

Experience with AlleyCATS

  • 2 Years