Adopt an Adult Cat

Our cats are now being listed for adoption. Be ready to fall in love.   

Take Home An Adult Cat

Do you want a friendly lap cat? An independent cat that is happy being alone when you’re not home? A small cat or a large cat? A cat that gets along with dogs?

People often choose a kitten because they believe they can “mould” the kitten’s personality to be whatever they want. This is a myth! Cats are notoriously independent and resistant to “moulding.” Despite your best efforts, that adorable kitten you’ve fallen in love with may grow up to be an aloof loner and not the lap cat you wanted. This is the cat you’ll be spending the next 15 to 20 years with, not that cute kitten.

A Mature Cat is the Ultimate Low-Maintenance Pet

Caring for a kitten can be like caring for a baby. Kittens need constant attention and supervision. A mature cat more easily fits into a busy lifestyle. Or better yet, adopt two adult cats so that they can keep each other company when you’re busy or away from home. Ask one of our adoptions counselors for help in choosing two cats that will become best friends for life!

Adult Cats Are Calmer and Less Destructive Than Kittens

Are you away from home all day? It will take a kitten awhile to learn not to climb the drapes or sharpen its claws on your Italian leather sofa and your stereo speakers when you’re not around to supervise. An adult cat has already learned to use a scratching post and will spend much of the day sleeping if you’re not home. Like to sleep at night? Kittens don’t–not for the first six months at least–and are inclined to entertain themselves enthusiastically, noisily, and often destructively, while you are trying to get your rest. An adult cat is more likely to spend the night curled up at the foot of your bed.

Adult Cats are Often a Better Choice for Households With Young Children

If you have small children and your heart is set on adopting a kitten, are you prepared to supervise your child’s interactions with the kitten at all times? Kittens are fragile and very vulnerable to injury. In addition, a kitten that is over-handled, or handled roughly, may bite or scratch without a warning. A “teenage” or adult cat that is accustomed to children is more tolerant, knows what to expect from children and will give a warning or leave when it has had enough. The AlleyCATS Alliance Society has adult cats that have lived successfully and happily with children. Let us help you find one of these cats.

Adult Cats for Adoption

Adult Cats Do Better as “Only Cats”

If you are looking to adopt just one cat and have no other cats at home, please consider an adult. Kittens need the companionship and socialization provided by another cat in the household. If you are a “one-cat household,” we have cats that love people but are happiest being the only cat in the house Ask us to help you find one of these cats.

An adult cat is often a better choice if you are adding a second cat to your household

People often think that their resident cat will adjust better to a kitten than to another adult cat. This may be true in some cases, but some cats will never adjust to an energetic kitten (especially one that is receiving all of the family’s attention!). Another possibility is that the kitten may actually grow up to be a cat that doesn’t tolerate other cats.

The Lexington Humane Society has cats available for adoption that have the proven ability to live with other cats and even with dogs.  Ask us to help you locate one of these cats.

Senior Cats (8 Years and Older) Make Wonderful Companions

People often pass up older adult cats, thinking that they won’t live very long. Keep in mind that cats can live and remain active to age 20 and beyond. A cat is a long-term commitment, and a kitten is a very long-term commitment! Senior cats make calm, loyal companions, often have many good years left, and deserve to have a comfortable place to spend their golden years.

Most Importantly, When You Adopt an Adult Cat, You are Saving a Life!

Kittens are always in demand and will always find homes. Adult cats are more at risk, simply because they are not kittens. Many of the adults that you see here today are last year’s kittens, now abandoned or surrendered because they were no longer convenient.

If you have read all the reasons above for adopting an adult cat, you will be a real hero in the life of a cat when you adopt one.  

Save a life and adopt an adult cat!