Adoption FAQ’s

Are there any adoption requirements?

The application form entails questions about your family’s situation, lifestyle and expectations as well as specific questions about the care needs of the cat you intend to adopt, such as diet, housing, enrichment and socialization, training and veterinary care. This questionnaire helps us see if your lifestyle and expectations are a good match for the individual animal and what aspects of care or behaviour we should provide additional education about.

We are doing our best to find homes that will be compatible with the personalities of the kitty, and families that will treat their new addition well, and understand the responsibilities of pet ownership. The application form and interview will help us to establish a good fit.

How to avoid picking the wrong pet?

Do you want a friendly lap cat? An independent cat that is happy being alone when you’re not home? A small cat or a large cat? A cat that gets along with dogs? Short or long hair?

You should review your idea of a perfect match and what the needs of your family are. A kitten will be a big responsibility to train, and that takes time and energy, while an older cat will likely be more sedate. Spend time with a few cats and be honest about your needs will help you make the right match. Keep in mind cats can live up to 20 years. Careful consideration before adopting, including research and planning, plus plenty of love, patience and a sense of humour, will foster a strong and loving relationship that will make you friends for life!

Vet Q&A: Are pets for adoption healthy?

Every cat that comes into our care sees a vet and receives their basic shots, treated for worms and is altered. Some animals will also have a rabies shot. The vet does an examination and will identify any obvious issues so that we can pass that information along to the adoptive family.
In some cases, a medical problem will present later in life, and unfortunately, not all potential issues can be foreseen. After adoption, medical conditions that exhibit will be the responsibility of the adoptive family.